"Ava Dreams of Water" goes to the Rainforest! Watch the video!

"Ava Dreams of Water" travels back to the village that the story is based on. A dream come true!

From Rainforest Flow:

Medical Anthropolgist Carolina Izquierdo reads 's the children's book Ava Dreams of Water to the school children of Yomybato. This fabulous children's book is based on our water project in Yomybato and is an uplifting message for children on the power of our dreams, the need for clean water in the village, and how their actions can make a difference in the world. 50% of the profits benefit Rainforest Flow Thank you Nancy Moss Ephron (Writer), Sara McCall Ephron (Illustrator) and Derek O'Neill and SQ Foundationfor getting this to press! The children LOVED it!

#AvaDreamsofWater #Yomybato #CleanWater #CleanWaterPeru #Rainforest #AmazonRainforest

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