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Nancy Moss - Writer 


Nancy lives in Los Angeles with her twin sons, Gabriel and Elias, and her occasionally bossy cat, Emily. She is a former film executive and screenwriter, who has written for many production companies including American Zoetrope and Disney. Nancy has also helped other writers develop and edit books and scripts, along with creating web content for business professionals and artists. Her all-time favorite thing to do is writing stories for children, so - as you can well imagine - she is very happy to be telling you about AVA DREAMS OF WATER




Sara McCall Ephron - Illustrator 


Sara McCall Ephron writes, illustrates, and teaches art. She would love to live near a tropical ocean someday, but in the meantime, is happy to enjoy long autumn walks along with her family and dog Rosie, along the Hudson River.


See more of Sara's illustrations at  

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